Sunday, April 25, 2010


Playing with trimming stage. This can go on even after i've worn a gown a few times.

The remaining fabric after bodice is complete determines what kind of skirt i can make. In this case there's tons left so a 3 tier ruffled skirt is possible.

The skirt is not pleated. i use a serger to gather my 3 tubes and sew them onto a piece of muslin at the right heights and add a waistband.

In thinner fabrics like these 2 silks, when the ruffles overhang each other, i find the look convincing enough to skip painstaking cartridge pleating.

The bodice and skirt waistband will need to hook together on each side so the waistband doesn't show when i raise my arms. The hoop skirt is best for 1856 onwards but I make most of my Vic era skirts at least 150 inches around so they CAN fit my smaller hoop skirt if I don't want the laundry of petticoats.

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