Friday, May 21, 2010

mid century dress 1

Gown made entirely from materials I had on hand ~ pics of piping going on, and the usual flat-lining with extra fabric in the side seam for easy alteration.

mid century dress 2

To keep myself interested, i'm playing with shapes at the bottom. In the 1850s there was a fashion for bodices with vest points but the back tail is found on 1870s+ gowns and isn't what I think of for the era i'm going for here.

mid century dress 3

Finished enough for first wearing in 10ish hours. Vintage trim basted on along with fairly rotted lace doubled in half and stitched together so doesn't show damaged areas much at sleeve and collar. The fabric is an odd drapey raw silk/cotton/rayon leftover from the tie manufacturing industry and sold at $1.50/yd and 25" wide.